Our Nursery

Day Care and Pre-School Education

The Oxford Nursery at the Oxford Science Park is housed in purpose built accommodation and has a warm family atmosphere.

The Oxford Nursery operates three separate units to ensure that your child is cared for in suitable surroundings, and mixes with children of similar age and ability:

  • Fresher: From birth to age 2
  • Sophomores: Age 2 – 3
  • Scholars: Age 3 – 5

Nursery facilities

There are three separate childcare areas, with children’s washrooms adjoining two of the areas for easy access. An office provides privacy for discussions with parents, whilst the kitchen allows for the preparation of fresh meals. The main entrance is always kept locked and can only be released from the inside, which ensures that all visitors are vetted before they have access to the children’s rooms.

A private care park adjacent to the building provides easy access for parents dropping off and collecting their children.

A secure landscaped outdoor play area is accessible to ensure all children get the chance of plenty of fresh air and exercise. The wide variety of play equipment is replaced on a regular basis.

Excellent location

The Oxford Nursery is located just off the A4074 (Reading Road) and offers full day nursery provision including care from early morning to allow parents to put in a full working day.

At The Oxford Nursery we have tried to create a safe stimulating environment, and a happy caring atmosphere. We offer care throughout the year, unlike LEA nursery schools which operate only in school term-time. In addition, we provide care for children as soon as mothers return to work after maternity leave.

There is a full program of structured activities designed to promote each child’s development, and prepare older children for the National Curriculum so that they make a successful transition to school.

Please contact us for more information.

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